Just some pictures for your viewing pleasure :)

So the last couple days have just been gorgeous. Clear blue sky’s, bright sunshine, and perfect temperature. I just love days like this. Great for playing outside because it’s not miserably hot, great for running, and great for snapping a few pictures of the girls 🙂 And so I did.

And then here are some photos from the evening. A typical night here in the Graham North House with the Graham Souths over for dinner. 😉

M took this picture lol.

A parade is always a must when these girls get together 🙂

Putting the bouquets from Kaitlyn’s wedding to good use 😉

Uh oh a little wardrobe malfunction??

There we go nice and cozy.

And because I always forget to load pictures from this camera, here are some from M’s birthday weekend.

Took Neena and Popi to our favorite Sushi place, Atami 🙂

Here you have a REAL family photo, lol.

Come on R put your chopstix down and take a pretty picture.

Ahh forget the kids they are so un cooperative.

Sashimi, yummmm!!

And it lights up! so sweet!

Get in my belly

And now for M’s birthday breakfast at Cracker Barrel.

Daddy being silly wearing her earings lol.

These girls CLEANED their plates. I was so impressed. 1 giant pancake, 1 egg, 2 pieces of bacon. Oh yeah mommy cleaned her plate too. Cracker Barrel is sooooooo good. I ❤ their pancakes.

Bama and R doing a little rocking before we head home.

A perfect birthday breakfast for my sweet 4 year old girl.

The end 🙂


2 thoughts on “Just some pictures for your viewing pleasure :)

  1. Cute pics! I really dig the way your wore that black lacey tank on top of the long sleeve. Remember I bought the same one. I will try to copy your sweet style! Miss you!

  2. Wow, love the pictures, they are priceless! Especially the one of R trying to gag herself with the chopsticks and M’s crazy face at the Sushi place. But seriously, there are some great ones too! The ones of you and Jason are really good!
    All those Graham cousins together are a riot!!!
    I may have to print some of these for myself!!!

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