D.o I.t Y.ourself

Orrrr have your crafty husband do it! By the way I spelt out DIY like that because for the LONGEST time I would see that on blogs and be like “What on earth does DIY stand for??” lol. Well now that I know what that means I am totally on board with the DIY train. And this is when my husband being frugal really comes in handy becaaaause he’s on board too. I gave him an idea of a book and toy shelf I wanted for the girls bedroom and he whipped up this masterpiece for me in 2 days for about 80 dollars. 🙂

Pretty awesome huh? I like it SO much. It’s exactly what I wanted, perfect size, and VERY practical for them. Can I just say that my husband is extremely talented in so many ways. I’m so stinking excited to have a handy man. And now that he’s built this he’s got the building itch and I’ve shown him a few more things in Pottery Barn Magazine that he’s gonna make for a FRACTION of the cost. Yippie!

Okay so also we finally got up some curtains in the girls room. These also were an exciting find. They are the Pottery Barn Kids Sailcloth Pink curtains. I just looked at PB’s website and they went on sale for $39.00 a piece. (I bought the 96in ones) anyway I happened to WIN them on ebay! 35.00 for BOTH!! So exciting and I am extremely pleased with them also. It’s just the right shade of pink and they compliment the girls bedroom well.

So this adorable lamp has a real funny story that it comes with. It came from the Big Shanti, which for anyone who loves Antiques, is like heaven lol. I found it for less than 20 dollars and I think it’s so cute. Plus I went through a lot of trouble to get this lamp. First of all me and the two girlies set out on the hunt alone. And on the way we hit a HUGE pot hole. Initially I didn’t think anything of it. I drive a stinkin tahoe I figured it could handle it right? Well I noticed a light on that I was unfamiliar with. Looked it up in the manual and all it said was “Security Activation”. Didn’t give any explanation for why it might come on or what exactly it “activated”. Whatever I thought, we’re going to the Big Shanti! So this place is HUGE and it was me, M, and R with the double stroller which is like pushing a train. By the time we checked out we’d been there for quite awhile and I was pretty good and ready to go home and kick back. We get all buckled into the car and what do you know…. IT WONT START! I’m like “Seriously?!?!” So I tried to jump it with no luck and ended up having to call Chevy to have it towed to a dealership. Then I had to call Nicole to rescue us and take us to pick up our sweet Rental car. Anywho, my car is fine it ended up being something minor but the REAL kicker of the story is I plug the lamp into the girls room and come to find out when it’s turned on it produces this awful aroma that I’ll spare you a description of. I refuse to take it back because it LOOKS so good…. we just don’t ever light it for more than 7 minutes because it starts to stink. lol.

I’m so excited, it stores so much!

Of course he’s an over achiever (I don’t mind one bit) and put pretty molding and the cute doors and did the beadboard, All his idea.

Still haven’t done anything with their nook. Saving the best for last 😉

Sweet little Marley.


3 thoughts on “D.o I.t Y.ourself

  1. A huge thumbs up to Jason! I am super impressed. That piece puts Pottery Barns cubicle to shame!! LOL They should hire him! 🙂

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