My favorite salad

Being a person who is ALWAYS looking for easy meals to throw together I thought I’d share one of my favorites with you. 🙂

I love salad. Always have. My girls love salad too. Basically my mom did a fabulous job getting us to like salad. And now I pass along to you one of the best salads on the planet.

First of all, to make a great salad you need a GREAT dressing. For as long as I can remember my mom has used Good Seasons Italian Dressing. You can buy your starter kit as Publix (or probably any grocery store) it comes with a bottle marked Vinegar, Water, and Oil and a few dressing packets. We use Balsalmic Vinegar and EVOO. It is deliscious and fresh 😉

Next you wanna make sure you use GOOD produce. I find that I’m typically disappointed if I buy my produce at Super Walmart. Publix or Sams is the way to go. Or a produce stand 😉 Use Romaine lettuce, carrotts, red onions, Tomatoes (I REALLY like Campari), cucumbers, green pepper, olives (I like Kalamata) and FETA. I bolded the must haves for the salad. If you want to make this salad your main dish you can pick up a Rotisserie Chicken, pull it apart and toss it in the salad. YUM!

In this particular salad I threw some mushrooms and banana peppers in it. It was scrumptious!

Hope you enjoy this as much as our family has. If you wanna thank anyone for it thank this lady 😉


3 thoughts on “My favorite salad

  1. Gee, I’m so honored and to think I only read your 2nd favorite salad blog until just now!!!
    I honestly can’t take credit though, it is a Bragg Family tradition and I’m not even sure who started it! I’ll have to research the to find out :>
    However, I’m sure you and the girls liking salad has something to do with the fact that your Grandpa Bragg was a produce supervisor for Winn Dixie, and Kash and Karry and owned his own store back in the day! In fact, we had more vegetables than meat in my childhood diet! Probably why all (ten) of my siblings are so healthy!
    Love you!

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