My 2nd Favorite Salad

This one is all thanks to my creative Father in law. I swear he should open up a restaurant.

It’s a Grilled Chicken Salad. And believe it or not the thing you wanna grill is the lettuce.

You wanna by the packages of Romaine lettuce that are still on the stalk. To make a salad for 4 you will need two packages of this because the lettuce will shrink. You’ll pull the whole leafs off and lay them flat on a cookie sheet or any large pan. Then you’ll drizzle lightly olive oil on the stalks and sprinkle generously Kosher Salt all over. Get your hands clean so you can make sure the lettuce is coated evenly with oil and salt. It’s best to use your hands too rub everything evenly. Then you’ll throw it on your grill. You don’t want to leave it on there long. Maybe a minute depending on the heat of your grill. Taste test it, it should still have some crunch around the base of the lettuce. Once it’s done chop it up and throw it in a bowl. This is when you’ll add your chicken. Obviously you’ll have already cooked it. Either on your grill or baked in your oven. Cut it in bite size pieces and toss it with your salad. Then drizzle and mix around some Hidden Valley Ranch dressing. You don’t need much of this either b/c you don’t want a soggy salad and since it’s already coated with oil it’ll be wet. So start light and again taste it. Once you’ve got the right amount of ranch, serve it up and enjoy!


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