Daytona 500

Sooooo this year we got really lucky with our Daytona 500 experience. Randy was able to get us “Hot Passes” which allowed us to come in and out of the pits all day. We learned just how important these hot passes were when we ran into Glen Beck and watched Brad Paisley drive by in a pace car we were soon to ride in as well. Ahhh the life pretending to be a VIP haha. We were able to walk on the track, watch the pit crews set up, see the cars get checked out and basically see everything up close and personal. It was so cool! I got pictures with Carl Edwards car and crew which was cool AND the best part of the morning was when we were waiting to ride in the pace car and I was one of the select few who got chosen to ride in it! I sat up front in the new Camaro SS while we topped it out around the track at 135mph. It was INCREDIBLE. I gained a whole new perspective and appreciation for Nascar because there is a lot more to it than them just driving around in circles. We were given radios to tune into whichever driver we wanted to listen too so I got to hear all Carls strategy and understand better of what kind of driver he is. It was awesome to see him start in the back and end up in 2nd after all the wrecks that took place. Definitely the best Daytona experience ever! Not sure how we’ll top that one but I’ll certainly remember it forever.

There I am!!!! I wish I knew how to post a video!!

Those are some big ol tires!

And all this time I thought this part of the track was FLAT!

Carl’s Pit!!!!

Go #99!!!!

Me with my pace car,…. I told Jason he needs to upgrade to the new SS! haha. He predicted I would say that after I got out.

These radios will be a MUST at the races. I’m a pro now 😉

We kept bumping headsets hahaha!

I’m so ready to go to another. So sad my boy wrecked yesterday. Way to go Kyle! brrrr!!!

Thanks so much to Randy for always sharing his hook up 😉

A little update on this post. My dad sent me this article regarding Trevor Bayne after his win at the 500. Read it, it’s awesome! I also want to add that I love that Nascar still insists on having there opening prayer before the race. Just another reason why I like Nascar 😉


2 thoughts on “Daytona 500

  1. Ahhhh, Katie….you do lead a charmed life!!!!!
    Great pics and commentary! I always thought you could make it big in broadcasting!

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