Girlfriends part 2

In my last blog I was stressing the importance of our girlfriends. I know now how difficult it is to make new girlfriends ie: starting from zip. Moving to Georgia has taken me from lots of girls to really only knowing one female there. (And thank goodness for Nicole otherwise I’d probably have lost my mind already!)

I know though that the absolute best way to meet new solid women and form healthy trusting relationships isssss….. ATTEND a BIBLE STUDY!!!! =) I was so happy when we found our new church and found a ladies study I can attend. There is no better place than a bible study to start looking for a new gal pal that you can begin your journey of an open and honest friendship. One great thing about being married and having children is I find it super easy to relate to other women who are married and have children. At this point I can relate to ANY woman if she’s married and has kids. Before this time of my life it was much more difficult to find people I had similar interest in but now I find it hard to BE interested in anything OUTSIDE my marriage and kids. However if you are single or maybe just married with no children it can be easy for you as well to develop friendships with women when you attend a bible study. Because guess what! You already have in common your love for Jesus =)

So moving into some more of my favorite gal pals that I wish I could have brought to Georgia with me lol. One thing that stinks when I come to visit is there is NEVER enough time. It’s so hard to get together with people because my time is so limited and they still have life going on full steam. So unfortunately I just don’t always get to see everyone.

Here are some photos from our beautiful beach day. Kelli picked me and the girls up and we headed over to PassaGrille and it could not have been more gorgeous. It was so dreamy laying out on the beach watching the kiddos play.

I have such sweet little girls πŸ™‚

Check out some of these places to learn more about the importance of your gal pals πŸ˜‰

Beth Moore @

Check out Beth’s Blog!

And here are some books that I thought would be perfect to read! I plan on reading Grown-up Girlfriends. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Grown-Up Girlfriends

Celebrating Friendship

Friendship: A Women of Faith Study

And check out Dee Brestin’s website. She has a whole BUNCH of books and studies on friendship’s with women. =)


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