Pictures and more pictures

So here we are at our favorite Sushi bar Atami. =) R was in a picture taking mood, lol. Loving on her daddy.

Showing us her Edamame. They love this stuff!

So Jason and I celebrated Valentines Day on Friday. First date night alone since before we moved here. I didn’t even know what to do with myself. Here we are all dressed up and ready to hit Hotlanta!

My cute new dress. Kholls 30 bones whoop whoop!

Alone in the car yay!!!

Fondu at Dantes Down the Hatch! Very cool resteraunt.

My sweet gorgeous man.

love me some butternut squash!

So they had these manikins all over the restaurant. Not gonna lie they kind of creeped me out because I wasn’t always sure at first if they were real or not, lol.

The whole place is designed as if you are at an old time dock or marina with stores and balconies all centered around the ship. This was the ship. It was even sitting in water. We sat above the ship on like a terrace. It was all a very cool ambience. They had a live jazz band which was fun!

Another creepy manikin haha.

gotta have a kissing photo 😉

The end to a perfect evening…. well not the end end……


2 thoughts on “Pictures and more pictures

  1. I LOVE the pictures 🙂 SO cute 🙂 I cant wait to see you!!! you look SO happy and So healthy 🙂 this makes my heart so warm and fuzzy 🙂

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