Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage

That is the title of this new book I’m reading. IT is SOOOOO GOOOODDD!!! Don’t be put off that it’s a “marriage” book either. I didn’t pick it up b/c my marriage is in turmoil. Well it wasn’t that day anyway, lol, j/k.But seriously, it’s a roller coaster right? Good days bad days lets just be honest here. There is no such thing as a perfect marriage. Anywho, I picked it up because I was desperate for a book to read and my awesome mentor Susie gave it to me as a parting gift when we moved away.

It is AWESOME. First of all Mark Gungor the author is HYSTERICAL. I always like having some humor in my books ya know, for the entertainment value. Who doesn’t like being entertained?? And he talks about so many things that open your eyes to what marriage is all about. Like the fact that it isn’t going to be perfect and it is going to take work, LOTS of work. He talks about the differences in men and womens BRAINS and why we do the things we do and how we OPERATE so differently from each other. He makes you feel like you aren’t insane for thinking, feeling, or acting the way you do in your marriages b/c he talks about the REALITY of marriage and that it isn’t some fairy tale that the world makes us think it should be. He emphasizes on the fact that love is a choice NOT a feeling as the world would have us believe and that we have to choose every day to love our spouses as Christ does and as Christ loves us. One thing he points out early on that a key to having a successful marriage is: You, the reader, being obedient to Christ and loving Him FIRST, than you’ll be able to love your spouse the way they need to be loved. He talks about how so often we go into relationships and marriage thinking our spouse is going to complete us or make us happy and how that thinking often is very self centered. That if our lives are about Him and glorifying Him than that means we are called as the bible says to LOVE others and to truly love others you have to be selfLESS. Oh I just wish I could type out all I’ve read because it has been so insightful! Especially the brain stuff! Apparently guys brains are on a totally different system than ours. Seriously the brain stuff alone could save a persons marriage. I highly recommend any and all women to read this. Especially if you are married and even if you aren’t yet. It is SO GOOD! =)

Mark Gungor: Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage

DO IT! 😉


2 thoughts on “Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage

  1. I love him!!! 🙂 I love how he talks about Men’s ‘nothing box’ and how women’s brains are intertwining wires, our minds are CONSTANTLY going. Its so true 🙂 I miss you!!! Ill call you tomorrow!!! I have SO much to chat about 🙂 love you

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