Goodmorning Graham girls

M just woke up, I love it when they sleep in. R is an early bird most of the time but she’s content to snuggle with her mommy in bed for a little while, as long as she has her muffin. Yep, the same muffin I eat every morning, R loves them too. Every single morning no joke, R comes to my room, crawls in bed and says “Mommy, can I have a muffin and milk?” So I’m downstairs putting my work orders in and I hear the girls…. R alerts me that “M’s awake!” and then M all sleepy eyed, hair crazy, says “Marley’s ASLEEP in MY BED. And her teeth look like a beaver! She slept with me for a loooong time.” I just love how they put their thoughts in words. It cracks me up. Oh how I cherish these mornings. Course they aren’t always like this….. sometimes M will sit in her bed crying for no reason until I come get her. That always makes for a great start on a fantastic day. And of course not every morning will R use a sweet tone of voice when asking for her muffin,…. that little lady can be quite demanding. “You’re not getting my muffin…” Ugh it’s barely 7:00am not even totally light out and you want a muffin now?? So yes, mornings like today when they are in good moods, sleep in, and use their manners, I kinda like them alot. 🙂

yummy pancakes

oh that sweet face… so much mischief behind it lol


4 thoughts on “Goodmorning Graham girls

  1. I miss those girls too!!! I cant believe how big R is getting!! For some reason, M always looks the same to me, even though I KNOW shes getting bigger too!! I think perhaps its because I remember eating Green apple slices and talking to your belly telling R to come join the world!!! 🙂 Love you!

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