Girls Room- work in progress take 1

So I totally had to return the black out curtains I bought from Target. I’m almost certain I’m going to have window treatments made. I just can’t seem to get exactly what I want unless I have it done custom. And to me window treatments make up for a huge part of what “MAKES” a room. The fun fact of this whole curtain search is I am an absolute pro at re packaging curtains perfectly to return them. That just goes to show you how many curtains I’ve bought and returned lately.

Anyway, good news is the girls and I finished their artwork. I must admit I should not have expected much from a 2 1/2 and almost 4 year old however there is a HUGE difference in painting skill between the two girls. M isn’t bad if she stays focused and has plenty of stencil to paint in. However she got off track some and started going bananas smearing paint and making hand prints on her canvas. I’ll admit, as I have before, I’m a total perfectionist with stuff like this so for me to actually be hanging these works of art up on a visible wall is kind of a big deal haha. R’s is totally an artastrophe….. but all in all it’s still sweet and the paintings will be cherished. 🙂 After the girls painted we glued on some flowers and butterflies and stuff…. to say the least they are very eclectic.



I just love the pattern on these pillows 🙂 

And the Owl pillows that I found at Homegoods for 12 bucks, pretty good considering PB wants like 40 for theirs!

Anywho we have such a long ways to go and I hope at the end it looks good b/c so far it’s not quite coming together for me. But I’m also really impatient and hate waiting for things to come together.


3 thoughts on “Girls Room- work in progress take 1

  1. okay, so I KNOW you are aware of my obsession with Owls…hence all of Ws Owl deco haha and stroller and well her old car seat (shes in a big girl car seat now 😦 ) I LOVE how you have the artwork on the wall! I think that is so cool!!!!! Just so you know, I will steal that idea from you, someday..when W can do fun stuff like that 😉

  2. So cute! I really like the owl :). I have a little owl rug in the nursery. It was Damien’s but I am just keeping it in there. I LOVE hanging children’s artwork. Its the coolest thing! We hang lots of the kids art, but I am like you Katie, I only pick the best and it has to have the right colors or it doesn’t go up lol ;). Your doing awesome with the room…cant wait to see more!


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