nothing…. specific…

Well since I have no pictures of the girls bedroom yet I thought I’d just post some more randoms from the weekend and the week so far. Jason and I went out with friends this weekend to celebrate Erica’s birthday. We went to this piano restaurant that was pretty fun but ultimately it just made me excited for Valentines Day when Jason and I get to go out totally alone, no kids, no other adults, just me and my love whispering sweet nothings in each other ear…lol I’m getting lost in the dreamy romance stuff hahaha, totally unrealistic in all honesty but whatever.

Ugh, I’m sorry but my husband is HOT. Gosh he’s gorgeous….. I like to think back on when we first started dating and think about all the things I thought when I first laid eyes on him. That smile…. those eyes… his nice skin tone…. later I learned he had great ABS! TMI??? sorry….

mwuah muwah. PS: It’s not perfect at all we still have our spats ie last night BUT I absolutely love this man and will take his flaws and he mine. And admit it, he IS pretty stinkin cute!

Moving right along to yesterday when the girls painted pretty pictures with water colors. I’m quite impressed with M’s Octopus. All of a sudden she has gotten REALLY good at coloring and painting.

The Rose 🙂

Riding her scooter, she’s such a big girl and really good on that scooter too!

I love that sweet smile 🙂


4 thoughts on “nothing…. specific…

  1. Yes, Jason is a handsome man! (I refuse to use the word “hot” as I think it has a very sexual connotation and that would not be appropriate for me…) He has such a great smile and I still can’t believe he didn’t have braces!
    Isn’t it amazing how much you can “love and hate” your spouse, all within any given 24 hour period? It never ceases to amaze me! Sometimes I hate your dad so much, but most of the time I just like him a lot! (LOL)
    Sooooooo….who is going to babysit for you on Valentine’s Day? I will, but it will cost you an airline ticket!
    I miss my girls!!!!!! Boohoo!

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