Homey Hallways

So the downstairs portion of our house is coming together quite nicely. We did do some rearranging though but I’m extremely happy with how it all looks now. And with the addition of the piano and the armoire it just looks really NICE. I’m so “in like” with my house. Thank you Jesus for blessing me with such a beautiful home. I can honestly say I’d be content to stay here till He returns….. then again why wouldn’t I be. Anyway, here are some pictures of the hallway lol. You’d think that’d be boring but we have a HUGE hallway and it happens to occupy some decorative focal points.

This is the hallway before you come to the stairs. I love this little combination, mainly because it’s the first place we’ve used some photos of the girls. I plan on doing a bunch more spaces with family photos but we have to get some new frames. 🙂


One thought on “Homey Hallways

  1. Everything looks great, Kate! Love all the touches to your foyer!
    Take your time decorating…if you finish too fast you will just have to RE decorate….
    Miss you!!!!

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