Time to decorate the girlies bedroom

Decorating can simply be a nightmare at points. Especially for someone like me. In-experienced, in-decisive, and definitely NOT endless funds. I finally decided I was ready to brave the treacherous waters of painting again, specifically in M and R’s bedroom. I know that their room has tons of potential with all the space it has and their cute little nook so I’ve been itching to get going in there. I had always thought since we moved here that I wanted to do a nice soft yellow. You know, cheery, sunny, but not to sunny of course. So we went to Home Depot to buy some samples. I bought 3 yellows and hated them all! Just a tip if you ever want to do yellow, check out this blog Restyling Home By Kelly. She is DEAD on about choosing the right yellow and to not base your choice off the sample card. So after I was mortified by the yellows I had chosen I scratched the color all together.

Fortunately, I just received the latest Pottery Barn catalog and was most definitely *INSPIRED* 🙂

It’s kind of a bummer though b/c what inspired meeee Jason totally did not go for. 😦 So I decided to have him browse through the mag and pick something he liked. Why do I have to be married to someone so opinionated on decorating and the way I dress? How did this happen?! I must admit though, as I have before, Jason does have an eye for class. He liked the color scheme in this PB room Hayley.

Love that light fixture!

So back to Home Depot we went. I told them exactly what I wanted Benjamin Moore Country Green and to be on the safe side I got another sample of a color that looked a shade lighter Daiquiri Ice. Neither one of them looked anything like what I thought it would based off the magazine and online. So this time I decided to go to the source. Benjamin Moore. Well sort of, I went to Ace Hardware because they sell the guys stuff. Could not find a sample card of Country Green anywhere. So I decided to pick a different color. The color I think is MORE like what’s in the Hayley room. I decided on Benjamin Moore Sweet Caroline. (I just love the name too!) By the way, the lady at Ace was EXTREMELY helpful. She worked with me for like 45 minutes to find exactly what I wanted. So that’s (2, 1 for color and 1 for help) Ace hardware and (-5 for all the busted samples) Home Depot just sayin.

So now that we have our color it’s time to paint. And I have so many more things to share. This girl is about to get all crafty on ya, just wait!


3 thoughts on “Time to decorate the girlies bedroom

  1. Welll….. I like both of the pictures!
    The top one is more “little girlie” and I like it’s soft pink and blue’s.
    The bottom one is more sophisticated and minus the splashes of pink, it could be a boy’s room just as easily.
    I’m sure whatever you do will be beautiful. It is such a great room and I will be anxiously awaiting the pictures of the finished showcase!!

  2. Well I have a lot of blogging to catch up on!!! I just started reading this one though and got excited to see how they turn out 🙂 The theme reminds me of Willows room!!!! 🙂 SOOOOoo I LOOOVE them both 🙂 🙂 teehee!!! I cant wait to see the final product ❤

  3. LOVE the pictures. I have similar colors in Riley’s room too. I just have a lot of black in there also. You cant go wrong with green! 🙂 Back home the walls are a soft blue in the nursery so it would be kind of like the top one. I am so jealous of the girls room layout. You can do so much with that room! Post pictures soon!

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