more Christmas pictures yay!

Family photo. Sheesh is it hard to get us all smiling. But that’s reality for ya right. R wouldn’t quit saying “skittlllleeessss” lol.

The Graham children πŸ™‚

M and Miss Stoic

My pretty girls

R before Christmas Eve service…. funny she doesn’t look at all like she’ll have croup in the morning. Crazy how those symptoms wont show their ugly face.

Christmas Eve getting ready for bed!! Like my PJ’s??? I ❀ them hehe

First we have to feed the reindeer!

**Sprinkle sprinkle**

Leaving Santa his cookies πŸ™‚

M and R in the Camaro fromΒ Aunt Karen and Uncle Mike and Matt. It’s great being the only nieces right?

And R’s new golf cart

What’s the weight limit on these things??

Next car for Linda???

Jason’s big present, Piano for my musician. Boy was this fun surprising him with. Many thanks to all who helped with the process πŸ˜‰

Play us something Edward, lol.

Uh oh, someone needs a driving lesson, lol.

Cruisinnnn the woorrrrld!!


3 thoughts on “more Christmas pictures yay!

  1. Love the pics, Katie!
    Just a few observations….
    M obviously is trying to choke R in those pictures and make it look like a hug.
    Was the food for the reindeer double knotted?
    M looks like she’s leaving the cookies for baby Jesus, not Satan…oops..I mean Santa! You can tell because she is praying!
    R obviously loves her pony!
    You look great in your Christmas PJ’s
    You and Linda looks like a little kids in that car!
    Just sayin……..

  2. It’s a love choke duh….
    yes it was double knotted. I wanted to make sure it didn’t spill on the way down from GA. We had to have our specially made Georgian reindeer food.
    Leaving cookies for Jesus was subliminal. It’s my way of keeping Him the focus but still acting like it’s for Santa to keep the Santa lovers happy. lol.
    I’m wearing my Christmas PJ’s right now! Gosh I love legit PJ’s.
    I’m a big kid now……….
    just sayin…..

  3. IIIIIII LOVE your PJ’s πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ SO CUTE!!!! The family pics are adorable by the way πŸ™‚ And I think its so funny that they make little golf carts for kids, it looks so cute seeing R drive it!!!! I love it πŸ™‚

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