I found this to be insightful (correction on original spelling, lol, thanks ma!) and hilarious. Now I’m not trying to impress anyone but my hubby however it’s funny b/c he pretty much agrees with all of it. Check it out. Their comments will at the very least make you giggle. Guess I better go buy some new shades 😉

What Guys Think of Your Fashion


2 thoughts on “Fashion

  1. lol. Hahaha…this was funny. I think I am doing pretty darn good according to these guys! Leggings are my favorite (and CJ’s) ;)….I do however, wear me some UGS. I cant give them up!

    • yeah I have some ugg-ish boots. Jason doesnt mind them…. and I pretty much let him dress me so I’m doing alright too. Except for the sunglasses. I just found the article to be mainly entertaining hehe

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