Monday Funday ;) Snow day!

Snoooooooow (okay I started typing that but in my head was thinking “soooooo” I’m leaving it lol) We had our big fun snow day yesterday. And yes, it was BIG and FUN. I really don’t think I’ve had that much fun in quite some time. You know what’s great about snow, it IS fun and CHEAP! lol. It’s free in fact and as long as you have a trash can lid, plastic bin, or even the bottom of an exersaucer your equipped for an awesome day of sledding. We were also really fortunate to be friends with some neighbors that had the perfect backyard for sledding. We sled ALL DAY and the girls LOVED it.

Okay so this is going to sound so corny but seriously, snow brings people together. 😉 First of all, no one had to work. Roads are too dangerous to drive on since we aren’t properly equipped with salt trucks and stuff. So everyone was home and we all played together. It was like a snow party, and since we had the best hill neighbors were flocking to come sled with us. It was so cool! I feel like in Georgia there is more of a sense of community. With EVERYONE. Neighbors, grocers, strangers even. You run into someone you don’t know and there friendly and nice and some times you even sled together. Seriously, Jason and I walked down from our house to Scott and Nicoles, met like 4 families on the way and they ended up walking down and playing with all of us. I just love it here =) A LOT!

Oh, and snow is also romantic 😉 Can we say snugglin season!!!


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