Our God is so creative. And I for one am thrilled to be experiencing another aspect of His creativity through the seasons we get to see here in Georgia. It snowed last night. We’ve been anticipating it pretty much all week. And around 10pm it was literally like the sky couldn’t hold it any longer and it just started pouring out big beautiful white snow flakes, covering the ground in a matter of minutes with a thick blanket of snow. I had just put the girls to bed. We all had long Sunday naps after church so they were ready to go late last night. It was so cool though, Jason came into our room, (I was watching my new favorite show Bones) and he said in excitement “You have to come see outside!!! I’m getting the girls our of bed.” I adore this man and his child like enthusiasm over the simple joys in life. Like snow :). So of course I got the video camera and we all ran down stairs to see what was taking place all around our home. Jason even got outside with Jake and romped a little with him in it. The girls were so giddy and anxious to just get out their and play. One thing I love about Georgia is it really doesn’t snow all the time. So you can appreciate it when it does.

So now I’m in my special room, about to spend some time with Jesus, fire place blazing, and I’m just in awe of how pretty everything looks out my window. It’s just white. And with the snow on the trees and all over the ground you can really see the landscape and all of it’s form. The hills, each branch, some trees have even fallen over leaning on another and that actually looks pretty cool too! (as long as it’s not on a house right?) 😉

And it really reminds me of just how imaginative God is. And I believe he must have known how delighted we would be when we would experience things like snow. I can see him now just looking at us with a grin knowing that he created something that brings joy to his childrens hearts and minds. How awesome our Father in Heaven is right?


One thought on “snow

  1. So beautiful! The rain we are experiencing right now doesn’t have quite the same effect as snow :>! But hey, I still thank God for the variety He has created in all of nature and I’m a firm believer in not complaining about the weather….no matter what it is!

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