I need a lock for my pantry

Are your kids picky eaters?? Maybe it’s not that they are picky maybe it’s just that they sneak food from the pantry like mine do! And then aren’t hungry when it’s time to eat the good stuff. My girls have always been really good eaters. They eat like adults, salad, salmon, broccoli. We’ve never had to big of an issue when it came to getting them to eat healthy. Until we moved here….. They’ve started sneaking candy and cookies out of the pantry recently. They also go into the fridge and get stuff too…. this morning, I found trails of oatmeal cookies all over the place. Half a cookie here, half a cookie there. Why they don’t eat the whole cookie I have no idea. So this is actually resulting in 2 problems. 1 being them not eating what I’d prefer them to eat and 2 WASTE. I hate waste. Most of the time I’ll eat their left overs b/c I hate throwing stuff away. I really dislike them wasting my delicious oatmeal cookies too. It’s my favorite cookie…. I love me a good homemade oatmeal raisin cookie… yumm. So anyway, I guess I either need to get a lock or re arrange my pantry.

And what better time to let the world know that we have yet another new pet addition to our family. Yep! I know I know…. I’m crazy! But truly I’ve always wanted a cat. And Jason made claims of being allergic to them,…. (he’s allergic to everything!) and that’s why we ended up getting Jake. Who by the way is doing fabulous up here. Really becoming a good dog despite my earlier doubts. So anyway, Jason finally said we could try this cat thing out and so me and Micaila went and rescued one from the pound. Meet Marley. =)

 She’s 1 and 1/2 and she’s super sweet. I think we’ll keep her 😉


2 thoughts on “I need a lock for my pantry

  1. Hide yur kids, hide yur wife…hide yur snack food, too…cause their eatin all the junk!
    I think Marley is Sooooooo Cute! What cute markings she has!

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