She’s a big girl now =)

So R finally has caught on to the potty training. It’s funny how different her and M are. I had to approach R with a totally different method of training then I did with M. So remember this moms, it really is true that not all children are the same! Go figure. So like discipline, some require different methods and approaches, the same goes for potty training. With M, I stuck her in a dress with no undies and just asked her every 10 minutes “Do you need to go potty?” until she went. I also stuck her potty chair in the room we played in most, or where she would watch her favorite cartoon and she’d sit on it and when she tinkled she got praise and candy. That worked really well for her and she was good to go in a matter of days. Now with R,…. she aboslutely did not want to be pestered about it. The more I asked if she needed to go the more she’d pee on the floor. That makes for one un happy and discourgaed mommy. But I knew she was definitely ready! I mean when your kid brings you a diaper and wipes and asked to be changed I think that’s a good indicator that they are ready to go to the potty themselves. So I wasn’t sure what to do but I knew what I was doing wasn’t working. While my mom was in town she suggested that I just stick her in big girl panties and not say anything to her about it. Just kind of let her decide when she needed to go. And sure enough, that worked. Every now and then in front of R I would ask M if she needed to go and that would remind R or encourage her to do the big girl thing and go potty.

We haven’t gone anywhere to test if she can make it in the car but as far as being “house trained” she’s doing great! I’m so proud! And happy to be using way less diapers!! Cha-ching! Way to go R. Mommy’s big girl! 😉


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