So I recognize that I STILL have yet to post pictures from our wonderful Christmas…. the thing is, I didn’t have a camera believe it or not when we went home. So I’m waiting on my sweet sister-in-law to send me some copies of what she took with her awesome Canon that I’m slightly jealous of ;). Anyway, this past week was a lot of fun. I convinced my mom to ride home with us and she just flew back yesterday. I’m sad she’s gone, it was really nice having her around. What is it with moms, they come to VISIT you and be your GUEST but yet feel so compelled to clean your house and do all your laundry. I’m not complaining one bit, I’m very grateful for all my mommy did this week, but sheesh, when are we moms gonna learn to just relax. 🙂 We did have a good time and were able to shop a little,…. well a lot,… had us a nice Texas lunch at the Texas Roadhouse. Ok so that place is delicious!!! I rarely ever step outside my Outback, Carrabas, Chickfila box but I’m adding this joint to my list of new faves b/c it was soooooo good. The rolls alone sold me on it right from the start. Then there was the tasty cheese fries and even my salad was FRESH with some yummy italian dressing. And the main course,…. RIBS =) I like ribs a whole lot and they had some good ones. My mom ordered the filet and it was cooked to perfection 😉

So now that I’ve bragged on Texas Roadhouse, let me brag on Ross. When we were on our way to the airport we stopped at Starbucks and then made our last rounds at our favorite stores, Ross and Marshalls. Jason had given me 10 dollars cash in case I needed it for tip at the restaurant, (momma had a GC) and he told me not to use my card. So when I didn’t end up using it at lunch of course I’m like “How can I stretch this 10 bucks??” So we looked at some candles, I’m totally obsessed with my house smelling yummy. But 6 dollars for a candle just wasn’t doing it for me. Then I’m wandering around the store,…. wishing I could buy me a coat. Yeah, totally thought Santa would by this poor girl a winter coat…. thanks Santa. It’s been a long time since I’d found anything at Ross…. they’ve been kind of bare lately and after the Christmas rush they were REALLY lacking in inventory. But I stumbled across this rack of coats, it was the 2x size section. And I see this black coat, size small and it’s clearance price was 35.00!!! I’m like SCORE! Surely Jason wouldn’t mind me using my card for this. So I go to show my mom in the dressing room and the sweet sales gals were like “Hold on, lets see if this is marked down.” They had their scanner guns ready and rang it up… the stinking coat was marked down again to 8.49!!!!! Can you believe it! I walked out of there without even having to use my card. The jacket originally was a 150 dollars coat!! I’m so excited and feel like God just totally through that out there like “Yep, I love you soooooo much Katie here’s a little reminder ;)” 

So now that I’ve told you all the exciting happenings of when my mother was here let me just load you up with some pictures. Some will be from Christmas, New Years Eve and mommas visit. I took everything off her card but I promise I’ll still have more Christmas ones to come…… Eventually 😉


2 thoughts on “Wow….2011

  1. Love the pics, Kate. Loved the time with all of my children & grandchildren! Thank you for “making” me go back with you and flying me home!!!

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