Mama’s soup recipe

I have no idea where my mother got this recipe for soup but I got it from her and made it last night. It’s REALLY yummy and REALLY easy. I have a hard time going online to like and finding a new recipe that’s actually easy and doesn’t require crazy ingredients I’ve never heard of. So if you feel me on that note you might like this easy to do soup I learned from my mommy.

So it’s Chicken and Vegetable Soup actually quite healthy too ūüėČ

Rotiserie¬†Chicken Original (Publix ūüėČ )

1 Can of original Rotel tomatoes and green chiles

1 can of diced tomatoes

Corn (you can do a can or I prefer cutting it straight off the cob, 3 ears, yummy!)

4 carrots peeled and chopped

1 Sweet Onion chopped

Optional: chopped up celery. I didn’t do this though.

1 can of beans, I used great northern

1 cup of original spaghetti sauce

1 1/2 to 2 cups of water

Basically what I did, and M even helped me, was I through everything in the crock pot. Peeled the chicken into small pieces. My mom suggested sauteing¬†the O and microwave¬†the carrots but I skipped those parts and literally just through EVERYTHING into the crock pot. Nice bite size pieces. And I started cooking it on high for about an hour and then switched it to low for about 2 hours. It was delicious and I imagine you could do it in a pot on the stove as well if you don’t have a crock pot. But M¬†helped me by pouring the canned veges¬†and the¬†ones I chopped¬†into the pot and stirring it up. She really enjoyed it and though she already loved this soup from eating it so much when we lived with NeeNa¬†and Popi¬†I think she was even more excited to eat it when I emphasized that she cooked it. ūüėČ Just a little tip to maybe get your kiddos to eat good food.

And that’s it. No crazy seasoning, no¬†other weird ingredients or prepping,¬†it took me like maybe¬†25 minutes to get everything chopped and in the pot. And that was working with a 3 yr old as well. So I¬†just think this is a great healthy meal for the fam and the mom with the crazy kids¬†running her life, lol.


One thought on “Mama’s soup recipe

  1. That recipe was an adaptation from one that your other mom Linda Graham gave me. I just tweaked it a little! I have to give her the credit for getting me on the soup bandwagon because I never made them much until I tried some of her chicken vegetable soup and her yummy Taco Soup! Ah…speaking of that…I haven’t made that one in a long time! hummmmm

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