Down side of cold weather…

Okay so up until tonight I was ALL about the cool weather. It’s fun. You get to wear lots of layers, cute scarves, nice jacket if you own one 😉 sometimes it snows….. BUT when the roads get icey is when I’m not loving the cool weather. It was bad enough driving home from dropping Jason off at his first GA Christmas party with the guys. No lie I passed ATLEAST 5 accidents. And I pretty much drove 20 miles per hour and under from a city like 40 miles away. At one point I was on a bridge that was all icey and of course there was an accident so we were dead stopped on it and even just going like 2 miles an hour my car started sliding around. VERY SCARY. Finally we made it home though and I most definitely was thanking and praising God for that. But my evening gets better. If any of you know me well at all you know I’m a total baby when it comes to being alone. Basically I never am. I’ve never lived alone, never slept in a house alone, and don’t plan to ever. I’ll die from an anxiety attack before I fall asleep alone. So it’s 1:00 Titanic is almost over and Jason is stuck at his friends house because the guy lives on a big steep hill that’s totally iced over and they can’t leave. Let me just say and excuse my language but this SUCKS. I’m tired, I’m starting to get hungry again, I have a headache, probably from being tired, and I’m about to let Jake inside to keep me company. Which if you knew me you would know that’s desperation right there.

Baaaahhhh between my anxiety over Titanic sinking and being alone with all these noises,…. I’m gonna be a wreck in the morning =(


4 thoughts on “Down side of cold weather…

  1. I do NOT like that side of cold weather!!! I lived in MN for 9 years and I thank God I never had to drive through all that snow and ice! BEEE CAREFUL!!! I will ask my dad if he has any tips on how to drive with ice and snow. He lived in MN for most his life and is an awesome driver…slow but awesome ;).


  2. Oh, Katie, Katie, Katie…how I love thee! How I relate to HATING being alone! I never spent a night in my life alone until I was 17. My parents went on vacation and I had to stay at home and work. I had a “blind date” that night, and I was supposed to spend the night at my friends house afterwards. When I called her house after my date her mom told me she was in bed. (BCP- the dark ages, before cell phones). I was too embarrassed to ask her mom if I could come over. So I stayed up all night with all the lights in the house on and the tv..stereo, etc…until it got light outside!
    AND…I hate ice! Our steps in Texas at student housing use to ice over and I told more than one spill on those!

    • ugh I know! But the whole thing was so him and Scott could ride together, so we were actually meeting Scott so Jay could ride with him. Aaaaand The camaro isn’t even legal to drive, doesn’t have a GA tag yet because it won’t pass emissions till Jason gets the cats fixed. PLUS that probably would have been more dangerous driving that thing on ice lol. You know what, lets not even go there….. 😉 I’m hoping one day it will turn into a maxima or maybe a truck again.

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