Trying to get Radical again

Okay so I neglected to mention in my blog, though many of you know it anyway, I never did finish David Platt’s book Radical. And if any of you out there are in the same boat of never having read through it entirely I totally sympathize with you. It’s not an easy book to read. I mean it’s written well and EASY to read but I guess what I mean is that it’s not easy to hear and take in and realize how right David is in a lot of what he has to say. But I can recognize that God uses different tools in our lives at different times in our lives and I’m thinking that when I first attempted to read Radical maybe it wasn’t the right season for me to read it. So I’m attempting to read it again and I’m determined to push through the whole book and take what God reveals to ME and apply it to how HE wants me to apply it to my life.

So I’ve made it to chapter 3. And actually chapter 1 and 2 aren’t all that “hard” to read. I actually recall not being frustrated until like halfway through the book. One thing I will say that is even if a person were to ONLY read chapter 1 and 2 or even just chapter 2 they would gain SO MUCH from those chapters. There is a lot of truth packed in there and you could take it and apply it easily even if you didn’t finish the book. I’m challenging Jason actually to read the first two chapters and then see where it takes him.

I guess I’m just throwing it out there to everyone to try and get Radical for Jesus. He’s worth it. And maybe even try to read David Platt’s book. Or another great one I love is Crazy Love by Francis Chan. And if you’ve tried before and weren’t feeling it, maybe you can try again. Because like I said, we go through different seasons and things can look and hear different to us. Anyway, just an encouraging word about reading. And don’t forget to read the LIVING Word. =) And on that note, try going to and looking at different translations. I was looking at The Message this morning and the CEV and it was cool to read some of my favorite passages in different translations.

Okay, that’s all. Have a Jesus filled day! (as my mother always tells me 😉 )


One thought on “Trying to get Radical again

  1. Good input, Kate. So true about the seasons of life! Relationship with God is dynamic not static, so we are always in a state of change and growth!

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