Random moments with the Grahams

Okay so this blog is just based on some things that happened recently that I captured on my crackphone. And I say crack phone because literally I cracked my iphone. 😦 I know, sad news right. I don’t even know if I was nice enough this year for Santa to bring me a new one 😉

Okay so cool thing happened Sunday. We woke up and we had snow flurries!!! And it got better, we were sitting in church and looked out the window and it was totally snowing. The girls were so excited and ok so were Jason and I. That was the first time they’d actually seen snow. It didn’t snow enough to cover the ground though so I don’t consider that their first real snow experience… I mean they didn’t get to build a snow man or even sled down a hill on a pizza box…. BUT it was still snowing and “I guess that’s pretty cool”.

Thanks mom for accidently bringing me Kendras coat. I would be freezing without it. Thanks Kendra!

As you can see M was trying to catch the snow =)

Okay and these next few pictures are just more places R decides to take a nap. And I think it’s pretty funny. The one on the pillows, we were getting ready for a Christmas program and she laid down after her bath and had her a little power nap.

Always has her Bama 🙂

Doesn’t look that comfy but she slept there for quite awhile. And of course M is glued to the tube.

I just love this hat that Jason got her. Apparently she had soaked through her diaper (in his care obviously 😉 ) and so he had to go to Target and buy her a new outfit and he did pretty good. Accesorizing with this hat. My man knows fashion.


And this is the marshmellow santa craft that Jason did with the girls. He drew the santa face and everything. Pretty good huh??

And that’s all of the latest random moments with the Grahams.


2 thoughts on “Random moments with the Grahams

  1. I REALLY enjoyed your random blog! I love seeing all the pictures of the girls :). I love how R falls asleep everywhere! If only DC would do that. He rarely takes a nap! 😦 Jason is such a good daddy. He did an awesome job with the craft AND the outfit! You look beautiful as always :). Love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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