Drum roll please

So all you moms out there will appreciate this! This morning I accomplished something amazing and it has to be documented. I completed every bit of laundry including SHEETS and there is not a single item of clothing left for me to clean, dry, fluff, fold, or put away. Can I get a “You go girl!” ??? I haven’t seen my laundry room this clean since we did our last walk through. And yes, it feels amazing! But I didn’t do it all on my own.

First of all I’d like to thank Maytag, for designing a washer and dryer that is user friendly and LARGE to meet all my laundry washing needs. And also my in laws, Randy and Linda Graham, for donating the washer and dryer to me. Big thank you there!

But not only did they help out but credit is also due to the builder of my home. Whoever you are. Thank you for designing my home with me in mind, (I mean you didn’t even know it!) but thank you for putting my laundry room right next to my daughters bedroom and pretty close to mine as well. This contributed greatly to the process because it made it easy for me to put clothes away immediately after being hung or folded. Big help there! Thanks so much!

Umm thanks to the gray clothes for being flexible and going with dark or white!

I also want to thank my mom, for teaching me HOW to do laundry and the importance of keeping up and not building up.

Thank you so much everyone! This is just a HUGE accomplishment. And here are the photos to prove it. 😉

Seriously I should have taken a before picture…. this normally has a pile of clothes on it, next to some that are folded (or coming unfolded). Truly amazing.

My empty washer!!! yay!

My empty dryer!!!!!

okay, now this is my laundry box, don’t be hatin! A laundry basket is just not at the top of my priority list….my box works great!

Ahhh, nice clean laundry room. I just love it!

Since I spend so much time in here I figured it was a good place to put my plate that I made with Kelli and Sarah 😉


5 thoughts on “Drum roll please

  1. Its funny… We are truely connected by the same soul or something. I was doing this ALL day today and I PROMISE you I had NO idea you had this blog written. I just finished ALL of mine as well. Besides the clothes we are currently wearing that is. hahaha its funny…I mean I really am laughing right now 🙂

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