Dallas parade

So we braved the cold weather for the parade in downtown Dallas. It was freeeeezing and I dont even own a winter coat yet. Not to mention I didn’t really check the weather, to ensure I had the girls properly dressed. I haven’t gotten used to needing to check the weather yet. In Florida it was Hot Hot or Hotter. Here the weather actually varies. Anyway, didn’t bring jackets for anyone, luckily I had M’s in the car and then as you’ll see below, R and I shared Jasons. It was a pretty cool parade except that we were all hyped to see Santa and he and Mrs. Clause literally hopped out of the slay 15ft in front of where he would have swung around to see us. Ridiculous….. but I really wasn’t that sad…. I was super excited and impressed by how much the parade was NOT about Santa and recognition was given to Jesus and the fact that it’s HIS birthday. It was so awesome. There was a GIANT Semi pulling a GIANT trailor that was decked out with a cross and nativity scene and Jesus and Mary and Jospeh. In FL I feel like you would never see that. Heck, your local grocer can’t even say Merry Christmas it’s got to be Happy Holidays. Well I can’t tell you how REFRESHING (yes Erica, I used my favorite word hehe, I know you caught that πŸ˜‰ ) it is to hear Merry Christmas every where you go. I just love it here.


Candy makes this child so happy πŸ˜‰


One thought on “Dallas parade

  1. I LOVE the pictures!!! I wish we had a parade 😦 When I first saw this title I was like.. WHAT They drove to TEXAS!!! ahaha Im dumb.

    thats all.
    oh and I love you.

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