Trimming the Tree

I mean that quite literally too. I kind of feel like we’re the last to get our tree up… atleast around here. These Georgians are on the ball! I’m talking the day after Thanksgiving they’ve got there tree lit and lights on the house. Well Jason and I knew when we moved in that our artificial tree was going to be a challenge. It’s weird, we have lots of space but no place to put this massive tree. First of all, our ceilings are 9 ft all around. (The tree is 9 ft….) With the exception of our foyer where the ceiling is like 20ft high. But the tree was far to big AROUND to stick in the middle of our entry way…. even with the hall being as big as it is. Because we have a pretty massive entry/hall way. So anyway after moving furniture and trying to think of WTH are we gonna put this ginormous tree…. we….. gave up. And then after I couldn’t talk Jason into buying a real tree, (he has this story about being allergic?? I dont know if it’s legit but whatever 😉 ) we started to brainstorm again. We thought maybe if we only use HALF of the tree. You see our tree comes apart into a million branches and 2 poles to hold all the branches and make it stand up. Well if you only use half then you have like a 5 foot tree. Not cool. So I said well why dont we stick the tree up on some sort of platform. Well we did that…. and it looked ridiculous. I mean really, dumb. And Jason tried to be like “Well once you get presents around it it wont be that noticeable.. Yeah right. Not happening. So theeeenn I came up with this B-Rilliant idea to try and cut one of the two poles to make it just a couple feet shorter. So Jason goes into the garage and starts a sawing. Comes back and we were totally thinking the top pole would still slide easily into the bottom pole, even though we cut it. Not so much. Jason: “Katie, get my hammer.” He goes to town on the top pole trying to bang it into the bottom. Finally we break some ground and it starts sliding in inch by inch. Katie to Jason: “Whelp, looks like the tree will have to go in the attic put together because it definitely is not coming apart now.” Sooooo then we finally get all the right size branches on and I can’t even tell you how excited I was about it being the perfect size. And we got to decorating and it looks so awesome! The girls had fun hanging up their ornaments. R had this one limb that she would hang 20 balls on lol. And M…. well she’s still decorating here there by taking one off and putting it back on. Now that I know we have a Christmas tree I plan to go ahead and take the girls to purchase their first ornaments that they will pick out on their very own. Yay yay yay! I wish I could leave my decorations up all year around. It makes the house so cozy and cheery. =) I love it! And here are some pictures of course of the whole process. 


R and Bama waiting for daddy to finish with the pretty lights.

so excited to hang ornaments 🙂 🙂

Big helpers

showing Bama the almost finished product.

I wanted R to be in this picture too but…..

I should have an album of all the places R randomly takes a snooze. They came in here to read and I noticed M was in her room but I couldn’t hear R. That’s because she fell asleep in my quiet time spot. So I covered her with her cozy Bama blankey and turned on the fire place for her. I just love this room. 🙂

And here it is. Totally worth all the crazy hoops we jumped through.

Before church. She just looks to cute with her pony right? Love these outfits NeeNee got them.


4 thoughts on “Trimming the Tree

  1. Great tree, good pics, beautiful children! But I’m not gonna lie, I’m just a little disappointed that you didn’t have pics of the WHOLE process. I really wanted to see Jason sawing an artificial tree (ha!) and hammering those two poles together! I have to hand it to both of you for perseverance!

  2. hahahaha that story is CLASSIC!! I love your little (Jason to Katie, Katie to Jason quotes) Plus I love how when I read your blog I can actually HEAR you.. like when you say “B-Rilliant” haha 🙂 It looks BEAUTIFUL!

    and yea, Jasons full of doodoo Hes not allergic to EVERY real tree haha.

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