Getting in the Christmas spirit!!

So I’m really excited right now. I have been really feeling the Lord tugging at my heart about what Christmas is REALLY all about and just giving to others in need. Every where I go I feel like He’s been showing me different giving opportunities and not necessarily like “You need to give to this RIGHT NOW.” or “Give to everything that asks for donation.” It’s been more like “Katie, you and your family need to pick something together and commit to giving…” anyway, ever since the Women of Faith conference I went to back in October I have been REALLY REALLY wanting to sponsor a child. I’ve always wanted to. My parents have for years through World Vision and I remember writing Nelrisa and sending her little bracelets and stuff. I want my girls to grasp this concept of giving and loving others ya know. So when I was doing my quiet time I was reminded of the Christmas gifts you can give through World Vision to villages in need. You can give animals, contribute to water wells, give to orphans, all kinds of stuff. But I thought the animals would be fun for the girls to pick out. So we did that. They did a goat and 2 chickens for $100 bucks. Which I’m not bragging about that figure, if Jason would have let me I would have given a whole cow! Chickfila cow would have been ticked at me for that one! haha. But then when I got done I started looking through the child sponsoring stuff. And I narrowed the field to Honduras because well since I went there on my missions trip I just feel connected. And of course I had to pick a little girl. And I did a one year old because I thought how cool would it be to sponsor her for her entire life! So I picked this smiley little girl Jeiby. She has curly hair and she is just adorable. And I’m sooooo excited to finally be doing something I’ve talked and thought about for so long. And I know it’s just a very small drop in the bucket but you have to start somewhere. It’s easy for me to think to myself “What is this REALLY gonna do, so much more can be done” (lie from Satan!) But I’m just gonna allow this to be the open door for many more opportunities to be obedient to the Lord’s leading. So, I just want to encourage everyone to just do it! Pick something anything. Sponsor a child or give a chicken! or both 🙂 I spent way to long thinking about the dollar and what my frugal husband might think. But ultimately any frugal husband whose a Christian will be GLAD to give. And if you happen to have a frugal husband who isn’t a Christian well then I might suggest it’s better to ask for forgiveness then permission lol. Orrrr think of how pleased your heavenly husband will be. 😉 35 dollars a month is 1.25 a day! You can do it! Don’t waste time like I did. Start now and be open to all the things God has in store for you. Anyway, that’s my inspiration for the day. lol.


5 thoughts on “Getting in the Christmas spirit!!

  1. Awesome Katie! Keith has a pen pal that we sponsor in Ecuador. Its really cool to see how the whole process effects your own kids too. Just last night CJ and I were talking about buying some animals for some family’s too! We spend so much on family and friends for Christmas every year and there are some people on Christmas that don’t even have a meal.
    I am proud of you Katie! 🙂 Love you,

    • We should start giving animals as our kids presents from each other ya know??? Seriously! Instead of buying my girls anything give a few baby chicks and just send us that sweet card you get with the “I gave a chicken in your honor M and R, Love Uncle CJ and Aunt Jamie”

  2. I am so proud of you both! You ladies are honing in on the real meaning of Christmas! Yeah! I think it is a great idea for us to (Nana & Popi) to give the kids a “item” that represents what we donated to World Vision, Gospel for Asia, etc. on behalf of them. We all have everything we need and more! Why not communicate to our kids that there are others in the world that don’t have the basics and we have a responsibility to help them!

    Thanks for sharing, Kate!

  3. Yaaay!!!!! 🙂 We have had Connie for over a year now and she was 5 when we originally started. I love getting her letters and little drawings 🙂 Makes my heart melt. We sent her photos of Willow (her little sis) 🙂 Your mom is actually the one who told me about it at church with the animals and stuff. So we are doing that this year as well. There really is so many options through world vision. Im so glad your mom gave me the information, its hard to decipher who is legit and who isnt. Anyway, Im so proud of you and I cant wait to see you and give you the biggest squeezeeeeee ❤

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