Did I mention I have a personal decorator??

Her name is Linda. She’s my mother-in-law. Something in those Graham genes, they really have an eye for style and decor! Here’s some of the stuff we’ve done to the house. By the way we got it all at Hobby Lobby. Find one near you! They are a Christian run decor store and they have it ALL at amazing prices.

She has such an eye for the little details. Like I would have never picked up books and boxes and rocks and put them on that shelf. I love it though! And I love my cozy chair in my cozy keeping room. I sit there allllll the time. Don’t you want to come sit there too! More to come, I can’t wait to take pictures of out new bedding and the furniture Jason painted for the girls and guests bedroom.


6 thoughts on “Did I mention I have a personal decorator??

    • Thank you! Seriously, my husband and his mom have the talent lol. I don’t know the green because it was already here when we moved in. I wish I did because it’s a great green! The tan through out our house is Sherwin Williams Camel Back. We did it in a satin sheen however I wanted eggshell so it is the least shiny but still cleanable. Satin tends to show the imperfections. 🙂

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