Thanksgiving Eve….day…

Today I had some fun pre Thanksgiving crafts picked out. One of them required a pine cone which I thought would be no problem to find in our yard. They are EVERYwhere. However, they are really tight little pine cones. Like they didn’t fully blossom or something and they ended up not being useful for the turkey we were going to create. The craft got scratched but we did get some fun pictures outside hunting for the pine cones and various leaves the girls insisted on picking up and keeping.

Oh R….. you have such a sense of humor already. This is what I get when I say “smile!”

GG is always ready for my photo shoots. 🙂

M cooperates most of the time too. This one is definitely getting framed.

Theres a pretty smile!

Just offer the girl nerds and she is a modeling pro for ya!

This one cracks me up. I guess the breeze made their eyes dry out lol. They really resemble each other with those sqinty eyes and cheesy cheeses. I love GG’s arm around M, such sweet girls. 🙂

The craft projects weren’t a total loss. We were still able to make a beautiful turkey on paper …. check it out.

Aren’t they cute…. I didn’t get a pic of Georgias before she left which is sad because that girl has some skill when it comes to crafts. And yes, I made one…. I like to color and glue too!


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