5 Graham Girls

Today was my first day watching baby H, GG and then AW when she got home from school. It went really well, actually. I mean I definitely haven’t gotten down having the three littles and baby, atleast the parts like loading up the car, going to the park or down the street to our house. Today M did a major face plant into the concrete before we even set foot on the playground. Not really sure what happened, all I know is I set her on the ground after getting her out of the car and then wham, M’s face meets Asphalt. I picked her up trying to figure out where all the blood was coming from and if she was missing a tooth or something. All seemed well. Of course I would be an unprepared mom with zero wipes or anything to wipe with. Now I have some crimson blood on my Bama jacket….. niiice. Anyway, she still wanted to play so off we went. Me, M, GG, R, and the Rose (as her mother calls her 😉 ). It’s kind of nice having lots of girls around. They play pretty well together too. We also had a nice little story time around the fire place,…. well couldn’t work the fire place so we pretended. It was sweet though. And then when AW got off the bus we headed to our place and played and road bikes. All in all it was a great day. =) I love Georgia….


2 thoughts on “5 Graham Girls

  1. Ahhh, R looks like she is getting bigger already! I love the Fall colors! That last little maple tree is so pretty and of course all the girls are beautiful!

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