Settling in =)

So we’ve been in the new digs for about a week now. I must say “I like it A LOT” (Forrest Gump style). So many wonderful things that come with moving and a new home and can we say SPACE and FREEDOOOOOM!!!! (No offense mom and dad you know I loved living with you.) But we can all be honest and admit it was time. And boy howdy am I loving having a home of my own again. We have done pretty stinking good at getting sittuated too. At this point we are down to just making the house ours. We had all the furniture, dishes, and boxes put away in there designated spots by Friday. And now it’s time to just paint and hang the pictures.

The girls love it too. They love their back yard and big driveway. They love having their cousins to play with down the street and they love their big girl beds.

So far on a scale of one to ten on the decision to move here I say twelve! And I know it’s only the first week…. but whatever. This is just for the record =)

Heres some pics around the house.


One thought on “Settling in =)

  1. So cute the girls are and baby H! It was time for you to move…God’s timing is always perfect! Aren’t you glad you didn’t get any of those other houses you wanted! Enjoy your home..I know you will!

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