So this was the very first year the girls dressed up for Halloween. Of course it would be. I mean as if we didn’t have enough going on as it was. But they couldn’t be left out of all the fun so even after the craziness of the week, buying R’s costume the day of, and getting home just in time for trick or treating….we finally pulled ourselves together and got to ringing door bells and bustin through candy. I must say, even though R’s costume was last minute it was totally AWESOME. First of all, we ran across it at Home Goods, rock on!, and it was 1/2 off an already marked down price. It ended up being 8 dollars! And let me just say it was a QUALITY Elephant suit. 😉 And then Jason and I had the most brilliant idea of all time to make her into Big Al. I put one of my sweet Alabama shirts on, Roll Tide, and she was good to go. She looked ADORABLE. She looked like a HE hahah. The fact that she was Big Al everyone thought she was an adorable little boy. Oh well… And then M was a cute little lady bug. Thanks to my sweet friend Kelli who donated that costume. For a first time trick or treater she looked like a pro. They had a blast with AW and GG and all the other little friends that came. So much fun! Can’t wait till next year, I think we may have to do a family theme!


We also had zero costume malfunctions. All the girls totally owned them and wore them the whole night like champs. Way to go girlies!


One thought on “Halloween

  1. I love the information & beautiful pictures of thr greatgrans!
    Keep putting our Lord & Saviour first, & continue counting
    Gran Diane

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