Officially Homeowners Again!!!!

So we finally made the big move!

Wow! You really know how to pack a truck babe 😉 And you get extra points for not damaging anything, way to go!
You just don’t even know how hard it was to get that pretty car up there.
Me and the girls crammed like sardines in the Tahoe. And don’t you love Jason’s boxers there, protecting my leather seats from Jakes kennel. haha! We’re so creative.
I promise they can breath back there, lol.
This picture speaks for itself.

And here are the girls playing with AW after we closed. So happy!

The last 3 days have been a whirlwind. Packed the truck all day Sunday and still some more Monday morning. We were able to get out of good ol’ Lutz by about 2:00pm. Traveling actually went quite well. We made great timing and praise God we made it safely. Traveling with a 26 ft. Uhaul, a trailor with a car on it, a dog, along with me and 2 toddlers in my packed SUV is dangerous! God definitely protected us. 😉 The girls were so well behaved, (which I was worried about having them by myself on an 8 hour trip). I can’t even tell you how nerve racking it was to watch Jason drive that monsterous Uhaul and trailor. I know he felt every bump in the road. He did an awesome job driving that beast though. I’m so proud of him. Pretty sure he could be any kind of driver he wants. Race car driver, semi truck driver, truck and trailor driver, he’s pretty much a professional driver in my book. Me on the other hand, not so much, but I couldn’t see anything out my back window with the boxes stacked so high. So I’m just re-emphasizing how thankful I am that God brought us here safely. We had an easy breezy closing this morning, wrapped up at about 11:00. Jason, his cousin and uncle helped unload the truck. Another major blessing! And then Jason and Scott got to cleaning and even managed to put our living room together. (Pictures soon to come;) Things are going pretty well. It’s hard to put into words how I feel about it all. Obviously I’m ecstatic! I’m also really tired, lol. Still tons to do. This week isn’t slowing down. We have to get all our utilities squared away, buy a fridge, master bedroom suite, dresser for the girls, GROCERYS, and on and on. I’m really grateful for it all though, and I’m not complaining one bit. Just praising Jesus! Can’t wait to start visiting churches. First stop, Westridge!


One thought on “Officially Homeowners Again!!!!

  1. Soooo proud of you for doing such a great job moving! You pack like meeee! ughhhh I hate packing! Love all the pictures : ) Made me tear up a little seeing the girls at the new house : ( I miss them sooo much! And you toooo of course! I can’t wait to come for a visit when you’re all unpacked and settled in! We must make every meal in that amazing kitchen! : ) I applied for positions in Texas today sooo nervous Kate! Pray for me : ) As always you’ll be in my prayers, my heart, my thoughts. Love you so much!

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