I know I’m not the only one who gets annoyed by the tiny-ness of baby and toddler clothes. Sure they’re cute but they are just so SMALL. And it seems like it takes forever to do laundry with all those tiny articles of clothing. When we moved from our last home into my parents we didn’t box any clothes. We just left them on hangers and transported them to the next closet. Well this time we have to box them and I started doing that today. And today I really appreciated those tiny little clothes. I was able to fit both Micaila and Ryann’s ENTIRE wardrobe (with the exception of what I left out for them to wear from now till Tuesday) into one box. Shoes are another story, thank you Linda. =)

Kudos to my sweet *M-I-L* Linda for the free boxes she got us from the school board. yay!

If you are close with me you’ll know what an extreme procrastinator I am. It’s not that I LIKE procrastinating. I actually hate it. One reason I dislike it is because often it makes me late which I can’t stand. And since I’m so anxiety stricken at points the whole feeling under pressure doesn’t look good on me. But I can’t help it for some reason. I just can’t seem to do things a little bit at a time. It’s all or nothing for me. And that goes for like every area of my life. And when it came to packing I just couldn’t put things away here and there. So now I find myself jumping in to the deep packing waters and putting it alllll away. Not really loving it either, but oh well.

CLEARLY I am NOT a professional packer…. there is no method here just madness! lol. I bet my mom cant wait for this room to be empty. Notice the sweet missing flooring in the back….. previous blog “moving update” explains….

It’s funny, I’ve filled several boxes of clothes and shoes and toys and our little bedroom is still a total mess! What the heck??? I thought this stuff was gonna start disappearing….. boy is that frustrating.

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