parting gifts

I have been working on parting gifts for friends all day. I don’t know why I think I could ever just throw a gift together quickly. It’s totally not my style. I’m a complete perfectionist when it comes to making things and I have always been one to put a lot of thought into whatever gift I’m giving. I like to make it special for the individual and put my little Katie twist on it for them to remember me by. So as it would go, I have spent all day on 1 gift. 1. And it’s now 1 in the morning and I can’t believe I am still up and only have partially finished 1 gift. Wow! I have a lot to do for all these special friends of mine. It’s a good thing our closing got pushed back to an unknown date hopefully in the near future. I am such a procrastinator….. did I mention I haven’t begun to pack a THING that’s at my parents house….. oh bother….


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