It’s not Goodbye, it’s not goodbye, it’s not goodbye….

We’ll be packing up our moving truck and heading to our new home in Georgia in a few short days. Obviously there is a mixture of all kinds of emotions that actually all conflict with each other: happiness, sadness, relief, stress, but definitely total and utter EXCITEMENT. This last week and weekend was our “Farewell Weekend”. I spent some wonderful moments with some of my most favorite people in the world. Friends and family that have supported me, encouraged me, loved me, laughed with me, prayed with me, and been a blessing to me by sharing their life and me being able to share mine. God has been so good to place these wonderful people in my life and I’m eternally grateful to have relationship with each and every one of them. Here are some pictures from my last days with our Florida family.

Howl O Scream with some of our best friends

I will miss you dearly =(
Giving me baby fever this one =) Beautiful Willow

Some of Jason’s oldest and best friends. We love you guys!

The hubbies =)

Michael, Erica, Me and Alisha 🙂

My sweet heart, so glad I get to bring you with me hehe

Mommies together

Oh Michael, I’ll miss you so
Running mates for life

They will still be best friends even long distance!

Sweetest picture

Lucy Kate! You gave pig tails a new name, “Lucy’s”

My best friend…. we have something special don’t we =)

I’m definitely a daddy’s girl, this is gonna be tough with out him.

My girls Sarah and Parker

such a sweet mommy and daughter

Kelli!!!!! Sheesh! I am so blessed with so many wonderful girlfriends

My amazing friend and mentor Susie. Love you!

inside out oreo. Cailakins, Katie and Kaitlyn. I’ll never forget the fun times we’ve had.

Devin!!!! Partner in criiiiimee. I will miss you soooooo!!!

Kerith =) We’ve had some good talks haven’t we

The Carnahan family. Keep it growing! God bless you my sweet faith family.

And Jillybean, I couldn’t have grown up with out you =)


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