Pray for Faith

There is a sweet little girl from my church that is fighting for her life and trying to heal from a brain tumor. I don’t know every detail yet accept that she has been in surgery twice to have it removed and I know they had to stop in the middle of a surgery because she was bleeding too much. She was healing well after the second surgery even with parts of the tumor remaining but she started having seizures and vomitting so they had to admit her back into the hospital. She’s there now and in the Pediatric ICU. She is only 7. Please lift Faith and her family up in prayer. Please pray for God’s healing. That His glory would be revealed through Him being the Almighty Physician. That the doctors would witness a miracle through this girl and her familys testimony of Faith. Please pray that her family would experience overwhelming comfort and peace through this stressful situation. Please just pray =)

We lift Faith up in Jesus name, Amen.


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