NeeNee’s Birthday

Okay so I’m a little behind posting pictures from my wonderful mother-in-laws birthday. I didn’t get many but here are the ones I did get. They are pretty cute ones.

Scruffy Jason and Linda

Linda and the girls, great face M =)

PawPaw (Randy) and the girls. Love this one.

She was spinning around making herself dizzy, lol.

And on that birthday note, let me share with you what we DID for Linda on her special day. Who out there loves the picture dvd’s with music as much as I do? And who, like me, can never figure out how to do them easily? Maybe I just never really tried but it seemed like it was always so difficult to arrange the pictures and get MuSiC to play in the background. Check this out: Photo Story 3 for Windows. You can download it for FREE and it’s super user friendly. We made a really sweet DVD for mom and set it to some of our favorite mom songs. We bought a stack of blank dvd’s from Big Lot’s for 2.99 and wrapped it up with her new Brighton Charms. (Another great gift idea for gmas!) Give it a try, Linda loved it. =)


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