Chuck N. Cheese

That’s what M calls it 😉 Of course we know it’s E. But come on, it’s cute when they make their own words and names and stuff. Like when she says “I loves you”. hehe, anyway,….

I just like Chuck E. Cheese b/c it’s so CHEAP! and actually a lot of fun. Some of you might see it as like a germ infested frenzy but whatever, I think that place is great. lol.
So here are some pictures from our latest trip there. By the way, we only spent 20 dollars and were there for like 2 hours and got a TON of tickets. You know you love tickets too!!
Classic miniature merry-go-round
Happy Happy Haappy!
Sitting at the ticket muncher. Far cry from the days when our tickets got weighed.
This was the closest they would get to the Chuckster. They absolutely would not go near the real guy.
I don’t know any small child that could actually control this horse for this game. They really need to work on the techniques of this one.
These are my favorite! Some Chuck E. Cheese originals. Gotta love it.
How can you not LIKE this place A LOT??? It’s just so awesome!
You can be a big kid too!

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