Pine Cones

Yesterday the girls and I went for a bike ride. Well they road, I walked. We spotted some sweet pine cones in one of the neighbors yards and decided to grab them and make the infamous bird feeder. I like making these things a lot because they are easy and FUN. The girls really enjoy it too. It’s cool because they like the whole idea of feeding the birds (and squirrels) and maybe even catching them in the act! Yum Yum….
Here are the pictures from our little adventure.
On our ride home
Peanut butter pine cones 😉
You know you’d lick it too!

Gotta get those seeds on just right.

The finished product, up close and personal. Looks pretty tasty huh??

All cleaned up and ready to hang the feeder. R was REALLY excited lol.


Hanging in the tree, waiting to be eaten =)


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