VBS Week

Ahhh, it’s so crazy to think the last time I had anything to do with VBS was when I was IN it. 5th grade people!!! I’m 23 years old. Where did all that time go???? Apparently I went boy/Jason crazy, got married, had babies, and now here I am finally getting a chance to be a part of this blessed ministry.

I was asked by one of the sweet ladies of our church who is a VBS leader. When I first committed, (you’ll learn I rarely say NO to anything) I thought “Oh yeah that’s perfect! Right when I get back from Honduras. Works out GREAT!” When I commit to something I never think about the fact that I am the most easily over whelmed person on the face of the earth. Nope, I just think “Oh sure, nothing on that calendar day…” So needless to say when I got back from my amazing trip to Honduras I wasn’t the least bit excited about working with our overly spoiled (even mine) American children. haha. BUT once AGAIN God showed me that just being in service for and with Him is a blessing.

I have had SO MUCH FUN. I ended up being a guide for the 3rd graders. Even though not all the kids attending VBS are all that excited, “I’m bored.” “I don’t want to sing.” “I’m hungry.” “I don’t have anything to pray about.” stinking pulling teeth with them!) It has been really great in other areas. Side note: please please be in prayer for these kids. I don’t think people realize how instrumental VBS can be in children’s lives. And I really desire for each child to learn something new, something that impacts them, from this week. Something they can take home and really apply to their daily lives. Maybe even someone have a chance to actually enter into a relationship with Christ. Ugh, that would be so amazing! (Anyway, sorry longest side note ever!)

What we do is go from one site to another doing things like crafts, water recreations, a bible story room, and at snack time we really incorporate prayer. We also open and end with worship which has been my absolute favorite part. Our youth praise band has been leading and we just are blessed with some talented teens. I’ve been so impressed by how much the youth have been participating and how much fun they genuinely are having. I think I may have helped out 1 year with VBS when I was in like 6th grade and I don’t remember being interested much in the whole giving up my summer time (I know one week, so selfish I was!) to do Vacation Bible School. But these teens just seem to be really happy to interact with the young kids and encourage them to pursue relationship with God and fellowship with the body of Christ. So COOL!

All that to say that it couldn’t be more true, that when you are serving God in ministry He will bless you for it. It may be as simple as just enjoying the ministry itself. (which to me is HUGE because who wants to hate being somewhere for a whole week, not me!) But truly, being in constant fellowship with God and pursuing His will truly does reap blessings and benefits spiritually in your life.

I don’t want to be anywhere else. =)


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