Tell me why Georgia why????

This is what many are thinking. Something I haven’t blogged about is the idea of moving to Georgia that Jason and I have been entertaining. This weekend we are going up to look at some houses. It’s very exciting for us to do something totally different and outside of what people might expect us to do. We both think this could be really good for us, stepping out completely on our own. There are a lot of signs, we feel from God, that are also pointing us in this direction. So we aren’t just doing this based on our own fleshly desires. (ie: bigger better house on land for way less money!) We truly are trying to make a decision based on God’s leading. And honestly, we feel he is guiding us to GA.

Jason has lots of family there, from his dad’s side. Two cousins, both married with children. An Aunt and Uncle, and a Grandma. So we wont be totally alone. We are actually very close with his cousins Scott and Nicole. In fact they have 3 little girls, one of which is only 2 weeks younger then M.

Yes there are many draw backs with us leaving our immediate family. But at the same time, we feel there is some growing that would get accomplished better if we were out on our own. And this doesn’t mean we will never come back to our wonderful family here in Lutz. Trust me, there are some sad sad things that have crossed my mind in regards to leaving everything I have EVER known to go somewhere ENTIRELY NEW and different. Remember what I said about my Honduras trip, about never having gone anywhere on my own with out knowing a single person. Okay imagine me doing this permanently. I’ve always been super attached to my family. But now it’s time for me to be super attached to my God and my husband and go where they lead me. So here we go, taking the first step in this “calling”. We aren’t sure where it will take us , we just know for now we have to go and see what God shows us next. Kind of like Abraham in Genesis 12. So be in prayer for us on this new journey. We really want God’s will….. even if it means sacrificing what is comfortable and convenient, which is exactly how we’re living now.

God we pray that you would do something in our days that we wouldn’t believe even if someone told us. Acts 13:41 Use this family to glorify you in a new way.


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