Beach babes

Nothing like a little sunshine to brighten my day. Especially if it’s sunshine ON the beach. I’m not much for playing outside in 100 degree weather unless I can be wet at some point. The beach is probably one of my favorites places on the planet. Truly, I would be a beach bum if I had it my way. Me and my entire family. I come from a long line of beach bums. My family’s vacations consist only of sand, sun, and water. That’s all I remember my whole life growing up. And it just so happens that I married a guy who also has quite the family of beach-aholics. They even own a beach house in Alabama. We have made that 8 hour trek MANY times for a taste of the sweet Bama shores. So as it would play out, our daughters are turning into little beach babes. And I love it! I love their sweet little swim suits and their bare rear ends in the ocean. I love how they can play in the sand, lay in the sand, and eat the sand without a care in the world. Nothing like goldfish and a fist full of sand in your mouth. Yum Yum. Or peanut butter SANDwiches. (I know, I’m so original)

Here are some pictures from our most recent trips to the beach. Oh yes, one more thing I love about the beach, the pictures I capture with my DSLR. It’s always perfect lighting! So I don’t have to know what I’m doing I can just snap away. Love it!

Beach babe #1 She is officially un afraid of the water and waves. And now I am very afraid of them for her.

Listen I just know we can BOTH fit in this thing!

Move over sister!

See, it’s not to tight at all. Just right.


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