What to do on a rainy day

It’s a beautiful rainy day in Florida. And me and the girls are stuck at the house with not a whole lot to do. Since most of our things are in storage we dont have the normal “crafts” to play with when inside. No paint, no markers, no construction paper to construct with.

So I thought, “What a perfect day to POTTY TRAIN R!” All my focus will be on getting her to the potty. M was so easy to train. Not long after her 2nd birthday we had her trained within a week. Once she figured out that going in the toilet would produce m&m’s and dancing that was all she needed. For some reason I can’t get R to GO in the toilet,…. like I never catch her. And when I try to time her and get her to camp there for a minute it just doesn’t happen. So I haven’t even been able to give her treats, dancing, and my wonderful singing. I know she’s old enough. She tells me she’s “wet” and that she has a “poopy” and she seems very interested in being a big girl like her sister. I just have got to get her to tinkle in the toilet once and I know we’ll be golden!

So, here’s hoping……

Update: 9:24pm
Totally NOT happening. As often as I would take her to pee pee on the potty she never would go while we were there. 2 minutes later she would wet her pants and THEN tell me “Pee pee in potty! Pee pee in potty!” I’m like “No R, you have to go IN the potty.” I mean I give her credit for recognizing that when she pee peed it had SOMETHING to do with going to the toilet. But I think I’m gonna give her a few more months in diapers and try again. Maybe after her 2nd birthday it’ll click like it did with M. =)


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