Nesting in your mothers nest……

How exactly do I do this? My husband and I recently sold our home out in the boondocks so that we could purchase a home closer to our family, friends, and church. We didn’t expect it to sell within 1 week, not in this market. But obviously God had a plan for us and it didn’t include living way out there. So, we packed up all our stuff, crammed it in storage and headed over to my parents house. Myself, husband Jason, our two daughters and 1 dog (another story in itself) came to nestle up in my parents modest home on Daiquiri Lane. This should be great, at least under the notion that it would be SHORT term….. (“please God, help us find a home quick” I prayed) Jason and I in one room, M (3) and R (18months) in another. I must admit when the initial idea of living with my folks came about I thought it was gonna be perfect. I love my parents. They are the easiest people to be around, fun, loving, supportive, godly. I look up to them both and enjoy their company. How hard could it be to live with them full time?? Whelp, when you are a young mother just figuring out who you are, how you want to parent, how to be a wife, and generally how to LIVE in this crazy world…. yeah much more difficult than I anticipated. So currently this blog is gonna be a tool for me to vent! haha, juuuuust kidding….. maybe…. I really will just be sharing about how to keep your sanity when living with parents (or even in laws). How to seek Him in these seemingly tough times. Hey, I know people have worse circumstances then me, and I’m grateful for all God has given me. But none the less… this is still a trial that I’m being tested in and sometimes I fail. That’s when I get on my knees and get closer with my Lord. Hard times bring you closer to Him and that’s a beautiful blessing in itself. I’ll also be sharing a lot about my own personal growth, trying to find myself (yeah that sounds so cliche) what I mean is finding out who God intended me to be as a wife and mother. Figuring out what all THAT means and how I will live it out. I’m not Katie White, pastor Charles and wife Debi’s daughter anymore…. I’m Katie Graham! Wife to Jason and mother to M and R. And here I am figuring out how to be me and glorify God in my roles. So…. here I go. =)

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